Christening Your Child

Dedicating your child to Christ through Christening can be a memorable experience for you and your family. As you consider taking this step, we encourage you to remember that christening is a commitment by you to raise your child in a Christian home.

Essentially, you are committing to show your child the love of God through your own personal relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ. It is an acknowledgement and recognition that your child is an incredible gift from God, cherished by Him, and that you are looking forward to the day when your child makes a personal commitment to receive Christ as Lord and Savior.


Information & Application


There is a $20 charge for the Christening certificate. Please make sure all information is complete and spelling is correct.

There will be a $20 charge for certificates that are corrected due to errors or omissions on the part of the applicant.


Available Dates

  • January 22

  • February 19

  • March 19

  • April 23

  • May 21

  • June 18

  • July 16

  • August 20

  • September 17

  • October 15

  • November 19

  • December 17