Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Initiative

Wednesday, November 22, 2017 • 12:00 am

Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Initiative

Florida Pastor Henry Fernandez Issues Call

for Unity in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

On behalf of The Faith Center Ministries, we intercede on behalf of the many families that have been affected by Hurricane Harvey, and stand ready to offer whatever assistance possible. We encourage others in the community of faith to join us in praying: First, for all those who have been rendered homeless or displaced because of the damage caused by this devastating storm; And secondly, for the safety and strength of the first responders, emergency personnel and the many volunteer rescue workers who are tirelessly bringing people to safety.

We continue to pray also for all government officials as they work to devise successful plans for restoration in the cities and townships in the state of Texas that have been affected by this storm.

This is a time that calls for a spirit of unity. We encourage pastors and church leaders from all denominations to stand together in prayer, and in faith, and work together—pooling our resources to provide whatever assistance possible to bring relief to the hundreds of thousands whose lives have been damaged or disrupted by this horrendous storm. Let us stand together and be our brothers’ keepers.