The Captiva Design Creative Mind Scholarship

Good news! We have a new scholarship available for high school graduates who are pursuing a degree in the field of the arts in the amount of $1,500.00, sponsored by Bridget King, CEO of Captiva Designs, @captivadesigns. The scholarship is available to TFC members. Deadline to apply is May 14th.

Please click the link below to apply for The Captiva Design Creative Mind Scholarship.

To apply, please go to

The Evelyn L. Fernandez Scholarship Fund (ELFSF) was founded in 2021 in association with Dare to Care, Inc. The Fund is a privately funded tuition assistance program for university level students pursuing an education in the United States. The funding and administration for this scholarship will be managed and administered by Dare to Care, Inc. Students should be entering their junior year or higher in college/university. The ELFSF provides a scholarship of $1,000 to students registered in a Bachelor of Education, BA or BS, program at an accredited college or university. This scholarship is awarded based on demonstrated interest and an ability to pursue a career in education. The Scholarship Committee, as described below, will give equal consideration to all participants. The result of fundraising efforts will dictate the number of scholarships that will be awarded.

If you are interested in making a donation to this scholarship fund in honor of Bishop Fernandez’s mother, click the donate button below, call (954) 742-7832 extension 1235 or send an email to

Evelyn L. Fernandez Scholarship