The purpose of Nation Shakers’ Young Adults Ministry is to equip Young Adults to be ambassadors for Christ and to prepare them to be operative members of society so that they may be motivated and empowered to reach those that are lost and win souls for Christ.


Our mission is to get plugged into the Gospel and stay connected to build a community of Young Adults all ages between 18-40, married, single, divorced, with or without children, to pursue a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ through worship, fellowship, discipleship, and evangelism.

This environment will outline and encourage ways to live a healthy & satisfying single life through biblical teachings, prayer meetings, educational seminars, and empowering events & activities.


Our Vision is to build a community of Young Adults who live transformed lives though intimate communion with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. It is the vision of this department is to be a place where Young Adults coming from all walks of life have a personal experience to tie to their faith walk in order to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, to live under the guise of the Holy Spirit, and to spend eternity with God.


Worship – Praise, prayer and exalting God.

Discipleship – Maturing spiritually by studying God’s word.

Fellowship – Building relationships for mentorship and accountability.

Evangelism – Sharing the gospel to reach those that are lost.

  • Do you have questions about God that you…’re struggling with?
  • Want to be challenged to grow and engage in meaningful discussions?
  • Looking for a laid back atmosphere where you can be comfortable to be yourself?

Well, this is not just your regular bible study…

Get ready to kick back, relax and come hang out to discuss real life issues and get answers by exploring the truth in God’s word.


Directors: Kevin Tucker
Phone:  (954) 742-7832 extension 1247